Terms and conditions of use

Grandee is HotSpring's largest, and one of the market's best Spa baths. To ensure that everyone gets a good experience with using the jacuzzi we must ask you to follow these rules: 

Wash your body well before use. Always wear swimwear and remove any make-up.

Do not spill food or drinks, and use only plastic glasses in the Spa.

Snus/dipping tobacco and snacks should not be used in the Spa. This goes into the filters and will result in contamination of the water. If so; water must be refilled, pipes must be cleaned and it will incur additional costs. 

Brush of your feet before entering the Spa.

Close the lid properly after use (Use the fasteners in the corners of the lid. The wind can catch and lift it, if it's not properly secured). Keep it tidy around the Spa and lock it with the code lock before departure.

We do not allow the Jacuzzi to be used after 10 pm (23:00) in order to keep calm in the area after this time.


No children shall use the Spa without supervision.

Do not jump into, or spill to much water out of the Spa. If the water level is below the upper jets, water must be refilled through the filter compartment. 

Not everyone can be in water temperatures up to 40 degrees for a longer period of time. This applies especially to young children, pregnant women, elderly and people with high blood pressure.

For questions, call or send SMS to: 

Terje - 400 97 000 (for maintenance) 
Hilde - 918 38 898 (Mosetertoppen Panorama)