Terms and conditions  

for rental of Chalets and Annexes

1. Definitions

In addition to the definitions found in the booking confirmation and elsewhere in this document, the following definitions shall apply: 

“MTP” means Mosetertoppen Panorama AS as owner and/or lessor.

“ Booking Guest” means the person or company named on the booking confirmation as Booking Guest and who is responsible during the stay.

"Property Guests” means the Booking Guest and any other guests staying at the Property during the rental period.

" Rental Agreement” means the combined terms and conditions following from the Booking Confirmation and these terms & conditions.

2. Payments 

2.1. A non refundable advance payment equal to 25% of the Rental Tariff is due to MTP upon the the receipt of the Booking Confirmation (the “Advance Payment”). When paying from abroad, the Booking Guest must pay the bank charges in his home country and in Norway so that MTP receives the agreed price in the currency specified on the Booking Confirmation. 

2.2. A payment equal to the difference between the Rental Tariff and the Advance Payment (75 %) is due at least 6 weeks prior to the start of the rental period (the “Balance Payment”). If a booking takes place less than 6 weeks prior to the start of the booking period, the full Rental Tariff is due to MTP upon the receipt of the Booking Confirmation. 

3. Cabin check-in and check-out times

3.1. Chalets rented out (the "Property") will be available as accommodation for the Booking Guest and other Property Guests from 17.00 hours (Unless otherwise agreed) on the date the rental period starts. 

3.2. The Property shall be vacated no later than 12.00 a.m. on the day the rental period finishes (Unless otherwise agreed). 

4. Code of conduct and House Rules 

4.1. The Property Guests shall behave in a manner that is not likely to cause annoyance or danger to neighbors or any other third parties and shall comply with the Property's house rules found in the Property (the “Property House Rules”). 

4.2. Inventory, kitchen equipment, towels and bed sheets shall not be removed from the Property and prior to check-out all kitchen equipment, furniture, and inventory shall be placed as it was upon check-in. 

4.3. Settings on the router (wifi) and TVs shall not be amended. Password on all networks is “utleiehytte”. 

4.4. The Property Guests shall not place any hot pans or casseroles on the dining table, bed side tables, dress drawers or other furniture, without the use of protective mats. 

4.5. Outdoor shoes and/or ski boots shall not be used inside the Property except for the main entrance and the ski room. 

4.6. The Property Guests shall not flush down anything other than toilet paper in the toilets. 

4.7. No smoking is allowed inside the Property. Smoking is allowed outside the Property and we kindly ask you to use the outside ashtrays. 

4.8. Pets can only stay in the Property if this has been agreed with MTP. 

4.9. Violation of the Property House Rules and these “Codes of Conduct and House Rules” may lead to eviction without prior written notice. 

5. Cleaning before check-out – closing of windows and doors 

5.1. Before check-out a basic cleaning of the the Property shall be taken place so that the cleaning staff can vacuum, wash and prepare the chalet for the next guests. This means that any dirt or mess on tables, chairs, benches, sofas or floors shall be removed, the dish washer(s) should be turned on, the oven should be cleaned and fridge and freezer should be emptied. 

5.2. All food residues, household rubbish and other garbage shall be removed by the Property guests and thrown at one of the waste points along the road back down to Øyer Center. 

5.3. Used bed sheets shall be taken off and placed on the floor in the entrance hall together with used towels. 

5.4. All windows and doors hall be locked upon check-out. 

5.5. If the cleaning staff does not approve the basic cleaning, a separate fee will apply. 

6. Jacuzzi

6.1. If the Jacuzzi is rented (available at our Large Chalets) note that there is a certain health risk associated with using the it and that it is used at the Property Guests own risk. 

6.2. The Jacuzzi user instructions will be found on wall in the he ski storage room and in one of the large bath rooms and shall be complied with at all time. If the user instructions are not complied with, a separate fee will be charged. If the Jacuzzi water must be changed as result of such non-compliance, a fee of minimum NOK 2 500 will be charged. 

6.3. It is not permitted to stand on the Jacuzzi cover. This cover is for insulation purposes and is not designed to support a person and will break if this happens. Always be two persons when the cover is taken off and put back in place, as the cover otherwise can be damaged. 

7. Parking

7.1. Parking is permitted on assigned parking places. Property Guests shall not park in the road that passes the Property (limits bypassing and snow clearance) or at the ground of neighbors. Cars parked outside assigned places may be removed at the expense of the Property Guests. 

8. Notices – defects 

8.1. Any complaints during the rental period should be sent by e-mail to MTP (hilde@moseter.no). The notice should be sent/contact should be made as soon as possible and no later than 10.00 a.m. the day after check-in. This makes it possible to quickly solve the defect/the problem with less inconvenience.  Lack of notice will in general have the effect that any claims for damages will be lost. 

9. Cancellation 

9.1. If the Booking Guest or any of the Property Guests breach any of the Terms & Conditions or MTP reasonably believes the Booking Guest or any of the other Property Guests has materially breached any of the Terms & Conditions, this can cause a cancellation of the Rental Agreement. Following such a cancellation, a charge will be made equal to the Rental Tariff. In addition, the Booking Guest will be fully responsible and liable for any damages or consequences arising from the breach of Terms and Conditions. 

9.2. A cancellation must be made in writing by the Booking Guest and will not be effective until such written confirmation is received by MTP. A charge will be made on the Booking Guest for cancellation: (a). More than 6 weeks before the start of the rental period ("Rental Start Time"), the amount of the cancellation charge will be your Non-Refundable Deposit only; (b). Between 6 and 4 weeks before your Rental Start Time, the cancellation charge will be 50% of the Rental Tariff; (c). Less than 4 weeks before your Rental Start Time, the cancellation charge will be 100% of the Rental Tariff. 

9.3. As with any other holiday, there may be circumstances beyond MTP's control, in which the Property might not be available for accommodation during the Rental Period. Examples of these circumstances include (but are not limited to) destruction of or damage to the Property. Such circumstances are referred to as “Force Majeure”. 

9.4. In the event of Force Majeure, MTP will attempt to make alternative arrangements for the Booking Guest at one of MTP's other properties where possible. If MTP is not able to provide an alternative arrangement or if the alternative arrangement is unacceptable to the Booking Guest, MTP will refund all money paid and the Rental Agreement shall terminate with immediate effect. This will be the full extent of MTP's liability to the Booking Guest in such circumstance. 

10. Liability

10.1. The Booking Guest is responsible and liable for any damage or loss by any of the Property Guests on the Property, its fixtures, fittings or furniture and/or any other MTP' properties and belongings. The Booking Guest undertakes to inform MTP immediately of any such damage so repairs can be undertaken before the start of any future rental commitment.

10.2. MTP recommend that the Property Guests obtain adequate holiday insurance and that the Booking Guest procure that Property Guests have such Insurance Coverage in place. 

10.3. MTP takes no responsibility for any of the Property Guest's personal belongings, money, travellers' cheques, passports or other possessions/valuables. Use of any of the Property's facilities, services or equipment by the Property Guests takes place at their own risk. 

10.4. MTP reasonably ensures that the information on its website, advertising, or in e-mails, phone conversations or orally by MTP, is correct. Regrettably, descriptions are subjective and errors may occur or services and equipment advertised may be not available due to unforeseen circumstances. We shall not accept any responsibility or liability for such errors, omissions or unavailability of services and/or equipment. 

10.5. MTP shall not accept any responsibility or liability for any loss, damage, delay or unavailability of services and/or equipment the in relation to the Property or the Property's grounds or equipment, arising out of circumstances which are reasonably outside MTP's control. 

11. Other

11.1. MTP shall be allowed access at any reasonable time during the Rental Period. 

11.2. MTP reserves the right to decline to rent the Property to any person or group of persons without being obliged to give reason. In general the Booking Guest must be minimum 23 years of age and the Booking Guest must stay in the Property during the whole rental Period. 

11.3. The Rental Agreement is governed by Norwegian law with Oslo tingrett as legal venue.